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Copper Pipe


Clevis Hangers

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Total Piping Solutions has been supplying "Cleaned for Oxygen" copper fittings to medical gas piping installers from coast to coast. Total Piping Solutions copper fittings are "Cleaned for Oxygen Service" Per CGA G-4.1-2004 specifications and meet all NFPA 99C requirements.  All oxygen cleaned copper fittings are bagged and identified by fitting description and lot number.  Every order includes a certificate verifying that the fittings purchased have been "Cleaned for Oxygen Service".  Random lot samples are periodically submitted to an independent third party laboratory for testing and inspection to insure that all copper fittings meet CGA G-4.1 and NFPA 99C "Cleaned for Oxygen" standards.

Total Piping Solutions also offers a line of valves, parts, tools and equipment specially selected for the medical gas piping installer.  The tools and equipment offered help the medical gas installer perform their job in a correct and efficient manner.

From "Cleaned for Oxygen" copper fittings to pipe hangers, valves, clamps, tubing cutters, Teflon tape, oxygen compatible joint compounds, leak detectors and specialty medical gas installers tools, you can shop safe and secure online for all your Total Piping Solutions.

We pride ourselves on fast and reliable service.  We have experienced sales personnel who will do their very best to fill your orders quickly and accurately.  Most items are in stock and ready to ship.  We welcome both large and small orders and no minimum purchase is required.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or send us a fax to 440-235-6505.





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